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Andaman Beaches

Corbyn's Cove Beach

Corbyn's Cove is a serene and one of the most picturesque unspoiled soft sandy beach just 7 Km far from the city. This beach is set in picturesque backgrounds of lush green coconut palms and pleasant sea.This beach is an ideal spot for swimming, sun basking and sea bathing. The pill boxes and bunkers established by Japanese add the attraction of the beach.

Wandoor Beach

The wandoor is a famous spot for its wide sandy beach. The beach is ideal destination for swimming, sun basking and sea bathing. One can also enjoy the speed boat ride and snorkeling at this beach.There is also option for a leisure walk at the jungle near to the beach.


Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu or Bird Island is a tiny village on the southernmost tip of South Andaman, about 30km from Port Blair. Its lush green mangroves and sandy beaches makea picturesque site.The forest guest house situated on the top of a hillock provides a fabulous view of islolated islands, submerged corals and the breath-taking sunset.

Radhnagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island is an real exposures of unpolluted nature for an environment lover. The Radhanagar Beach is one among the best beaches in Asia.

The beach is around 7 Km from Havelock harbour and ideal for swimming and other marine activities.

Karmatang Beach

Karmatang beach, at turtle nesting ground is being developed as tourist complex. The beach is Situated at Mayabunder, northern part of Middle Andaman, 240 kms by road and 136 kms by boat from Port Blair. This Sandy beach is famous for turtle nesting. Important species of turtles include: Leather Back Turtle, Green Sea Turtle, Hawksbill Turtle and Olive Ridley Turtle. Water Monitor Lizard, Salt Water Crocodiles, and Reticulate Python etc. are also seen here.

Beaches of Neil Island

Neil Island is famous for its clean & wide sandy beaches. The Sitapur, Laxmanpur & Bharatpur Beach were the well known beaches of the Neil Islands. The beaches are very clear and clean for spending holidays and evenings. The breathtaking view of sea and the lusting greeneries in the island is really rejuvenating and enjoyable for enthusiastic travelers.


Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar Beach is a beautiful stretch of palm-fringed sand. A sandy beach of Ramnagar situated at Diglipur comprises of various fauna. Ramnagar Beach is also abode of the turtles and If you are a wildlife buff, then there is a option to go out for trekking. The nearby vegetation is comprises of various fauna.

The beach is famous for its widely scattered grains of sand offers the travelers a chance to spend some quality time there and rest on the sandy beach, enjoy the panoramic scenery of the spring blossoms.

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