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Experience the ultimate sensation where time stops, worries fade away and breathing in underwater becomes possible, safe and easy...

Sea walking is simple, quick and easy. There is absolutely no experience needed, no complicated equipment to handle and you walk on the smooth and clean sand of the sea floor.

It's perfectly safe. No water on your face (you can wear glasses or contacts), your makeup stays on and your hair stays dry! A large full face window in the Sea Walker helmet offers a close up view of the beautiful underwater world, see beautiful corals and play with colorful fishes.

This is a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to discover the underwater world from within, and make your fantasies come true.

Once you land your feet on the sands of the sea bed, the experience is a sheer joy to behold, an amazingly new and enthralling one which people often compare with their imaginations of space walking. The joy of having numerous brilliantly coloured tropical reef fish swim around you is magical indeed.

You can feed the fish and indulge in underwater photography. These memories will relish forever. Any one from age between 7 and 70 can go on to sea walk without any difficulties.

our trained and certified guides are always in the water beside you to ensure you safe adventure. It's a great experience for anyone who likes to explore and enjoy the natural world at close quarters.

# 3500/- Per Person 

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